A close call...rescued from a demolition

In another crazy rescue, one of our stray cats was inside this building during a demolition! After learning the cat had not escaped from all the noise, EcoLeo's founder ran onto the site and forced the demolition to stop right in the nick of time! After a 3 hr long struggle to lure her out of a side hole and underneath a drop trap setup, she was caught. This little girl is feral and had all her teeth extracted, therefore she can no longer live outdoors for her safety. She was adopted out by a barn cat but when we did a random check on her weeks later, we noticed the environment was not suitable for her. 

We were unaware during the first home visit that the home had 3 pitbulls and other cats had gone missing, not to mention her living conditions were filthy. We immediately pulled her out and spent the next 6 months with EcoLeo Founder, Tania, who tried to domesticate her and win her trust. They formed a serious bond and this once feral, aggressive cat has since became the biggest cuddle bug who loves affection and back rubs. Oh, and she found her furrever home...with Tania!