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A portion of your purchase is automatically donated to the EcoLeo Animal Rescue Project, and other small non-profit rescues, that help so many animals in need! It is usually the whiskered variety, but we don't discriminate!

** 100% of donations go towards the animals. We are strictly volunteer based and do not pay for admin, our time, etc. **

Before it became a full-time business, EcoLeo was founded as a "side hussle" to raise funds to help animals. To further align our actions with our beliefs and commitment to protecting cats in need, we took it a step farther and created the EcoLeo Rescue Project, a Florida registered Non-Profit and IRS registered 501(c)3 Public Charity.

The Rescue focuses on helping stray and feral cats in Florida, home to over 1 million homeless cats. These are the forgotten, non-adoptable cats that are often overlooked because they cannot be placed in foster homes or shelters. Whether it be TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, return), providing medical care to a cat hit by a car, finding placement for friendly cats, or legally persuing a case of animal abuse on behalf of the animal, we do what is needed, whenever we can. Below we highlight some of our past work that wouldn't have been possible without your support! Your donation means more than you know and goes a long way.

DISCLAIMER: Some of the contents below may be disturbing to some.

Meet some of the
community cats we feed!

The coronavirus pandemic has proven difficult for all. At the onset of city closures and Stay At Home orders, EcoLeo's founder, Tania, noticed many cats suddenly all over the streets, clearly looking for food. It was apparent that their regular feeders and caretakers had stopped coming to the area and were probably out of work and sheltered in place. Every morning, Tania doubled up her face masks, packed her vehicle with food and water and made the rounds to feed approximately 25 hungry kitties in the downtown area. A few were also spayed/neutered and vaccinated (TNR). A couple of the friendly ones were adopted.

She continues to feed them to this day and finds it very therapeutic during this difficult time. Due to the year-round mild temperatures in Florida, it is practically mating season year round. There are approximately 1,000,000 homeless cats in Miami. Unfortunately, they are considered 'pests' by many and are frequently victims of food poisoning and other abuse. In an effort to save lives and control the population, county wide TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program is in place to allow cats to be sterilized free of charge and returned back to their colonies as a way to humanely control the population.

The EcoLeo® Rescue Project

Fighting Chance for Billy
Billy was a Miami street cat who was spotted passed out near a sidewalk by a good Samaritan who contacted EcoLeo Animal Rescue. Billy was emaciated, lethargic and going in and out of consciousness and was rushed to the vet. Billy...
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Kitten Rescue
We were notified about this adorable white kitten living in unsanitary conditions in an abandoned building. She was very fearful and made sure to stay as far away from us as possible. But after a couple of hours, we finally...
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ONGOING RESCUE!...One rescue turns into two!
We received a call from a lady who regularly feeds a colony of 7 feral cats at an abandoned building. She was frantic as she had just learned that the building would be demolished in a few days, yet the...
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A close call...rescued from a demolition
In another crazy rescue, one of our stray cats was inside this building during a demolition! After learning the cat had not escaped from all the noise, EcoLeo's founder ran onto the site and forced the demolition to stop right...
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Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) project in north Miami
Just another day doing our part to help save lives. Cats trapped and on their way to get spayed/neutered with TNR (trap, neuter, return). They will be fixed, vaccinated, and get their ear tipped before being released back to the...
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Severe case of flea dermatitis
This sweet girl was spotted with what appeared to be burn marks all over her body. She was emaciated and crying for help. We rushed her to the animal hospital where she was diagnosed with flea dermatitis (a severe reaction...
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Orphaned newborn ducks hatch!
Call us crazy, but when we found these eggs under the bushes with the mother duck dead nearby, we knew we had to act! EcoLeo's Founder happened to have access to an incubator and through plenty of research, learned how...
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Intersection Puppy
This cute puppy ran in front of our vehicle as we were driving to work. We drove him to the nearest vet to see if he had a microchip that was registered to an owner but he did not. He...
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Rescued from Hurricane Irma
This kitty was spotted as we were evacuating for Hurricane Irma. We already had a car full of our pet cats, but what's one more right?  Luckily she was super friendly and hopped right into the vehicle and hung out...
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Surprise Kittens Under Floorboards!
EcoLeo and Good Karma Pet Rescue worked together on this amazing rescue. A stray cat was trapped for TNR (trap, neuter, return). Once at the vet clinic, we were alerted that the cat was lactating and must have recently given...
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