ONGOING RESCUE!...One rescue turns into two!

We received a call from a lady who regularly feeds a colony of 7 feral cats at an abandoned building. She was frantic as she had just learned that the building would be demolished in a few days, yet the cats were all taking shelter underneath the building's floorboards. We decided the best thing to do in this situation is to lure the cats from underneath the building and somehow close up all the openings (random holes and vents in the building) so that they do not re-enter.  We boarded up all the openings we could find except for one. On this "main" opening, we hired a handy man to help us install a one way doggy door that would allow the fearful felines to come out, but not go back in.

Well as we were doing this, a pigeon decided to poop on us! We looked up to find a nest with a baby pigeon nestled in the roof! It was a miracle because had the daddy pigeon not alerted us (in the way he knows best), we would have never known about the nest and the baby would not have survived. We consulted with a wildlife rescue expert on how to safely remove and re-nest the baby but when the parents refused to tend to the new nest after a couple days, we relocated the baby to the South Florida Wildlife Center. There he will be taken care of and released when he is ready. 

Building is being monitored and cats counted each day to ensure none made their way back inside the building which will be demolished any day now...