Surprise Kittens Under Floorboards!

EcoLeo and Good Karma Pet Rescue worked together on this amazing rescue. A stray cat was trapped for TNR (trap, neuter, return). Once at the vet clinic, we were alerted that the cat was lactating and must have recently given birth! Shocked, we went back to the location to look for her kittens as they could definitely not survive without their mom! We determined they were underneath an abandoned building and reached out to Fire & Rescue for help.

The kittens were unfortunately not found and the fire dep't left. Confident we spotted the kittens through a hole in the wall, EcoLeo volunteer continued to push the fire dep't to return, and they did.  Apartment doors were broken and floorboards were ripped open and four kittens were pulled to safety one by one. The kittens were reunited with mom and were named after the four firemen :-)